About Us

Who We Are

We are the sisters and neice of contemporary ragtime, classical and children's composer Donald Ashwander.  Our mission is to bring Donald's unique and diverse musical jambalaya to piano students, educators, musical theaters, and the film/music industries while promoting his life's contribution to the arts.  

Music Folios - Volumes I and II

Following Donald's death in 1994 the family compiled two beautiful music folios containing some of Donald's best works.  Examples (see Gallery) show portions of the manuscripts which he meticulously created by hand, using quill and ink, making them even more unique for the student/performer. 

Learn More

Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions and comments about Donald's print music, CDs, vinyl LPs, or years with The Paper Bag Players, one of the oldest and most influential childrens' theater groups in the world.  You may stream online and see the New World Records site for more on Donald's "Sunshine and Shadow", a two CD compilation.